New Day

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. I reach for a glass of water that sits nearby on a small table and wish that thirst was my only problem. Pivoting gently sideways, I try to stand on feet that won’t quite follow my orders. I fight the pain and rise. It’s going to be one of those days.

I was up way too late last night with images of stories dancing in my brain. The new book was ousted by another tale of fiction that I am driven to sketch out before I lose sight of the nuances of the plot. Compelled by voices in my head to hit the keys at my computer, I tap out a quick reference to a story that I may never tell and then find my way to the kitchen with difficulty.

Coffee lavishes my tongue in a bath of instant wake up goodness. Suddenly the daylight streaming through the blinds seems brighter and the day has more possibilities. It’s amazing what that first cup can do.

I’m alone this morning so today will be filled with text and typing and hopefully I’ll finish a letter I was writing to my publisher. Although my cat says otherwise, now armed with coffee I sit down at my keyboard again and focus on my ongoing projects and my new blog. This computer is how I will face the world.


To paint a scene with words

When i think about what I do daily as a microcosm of a book, I define it a a single work in a gallery of design. Every chapter is a picture. Every paragraph a brush stroke. The sum total becomes a story.
Like any artist, sometimes I’m lazy, or tired, or simply misinformed. The painting suffers and the day’s work needs restoration.
Somedays I want to be profound, while others I can’t be pulled away from my morning coffee.
So today I’m aiming for a few more paragraphs, a few more expressions and a few more digested dreams on my way to the end of the story.

New Book — Kris

11,035 words today! This is book six, but to be honest  book one is being so difficult I might not publish the rest.  Thing is I’m a natural optimist, and inately I believe that I can learn to make it work. I am disappointed in the marketing aspects so far. Have read blogs that say most books seill 250 copies tops… Rather discouraging. However, Dreamer is a good read and a great story. Soooo you never know.

Happy to be here

It has been a crazy ride so far. So many things that same seem everyday to others are very new to me. Bolgging is an art form of its own that I will attempt to learn and sadly I lack experience. However, there is something to be said about the thrill of something new.

This is my recent release:

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This photo of my PDF proof says where I live. I am a writer, but the advertizing aspects are new to me. Most people believe that you get a traditional publisher and presto- you’re a success.
Life being full of wonderous mysteries– that’s not quite how it works. So, for me, here comes the hard part. My tate author page:

I get by with a little help from my friends…
I’d like to thank everyone who tolerates me, my problems and my self-absorbed proclivity for writing. Special thanks go out to my family and Bettina Rowe for patience and guiding wisdom. I’d also like to thank my friends in BBT café for their help and kind consideration once this manuscript was complete.
Dreamer wasn’t written alone, although at times—locked in my tiny space— I felt isolated. The book is an effort of love, a demonstration of strong relationships. To all of you, my heart felt thanks.

Dreamer is on Amazon –