Self -doubt

We all have it. Some of us deny the immensity of introspection. Nonetheless, self-doubt can raise its ugly head at the worst of times.

I’m a new blogger, with my feet relatively undampened by the sea of information telling me what to write, how to phrase and generally how to behave here in blog world.  To be perfectly honest, its terrifying, but has the excitement of a very new experience. 

I can ask my few readers to be patient while I try to determine where tabs and bells and whistles all attach to a written piece. Yet, somehow, they seem to know that I will muddle through this and come out improved.  I might not be a better person, but I will know–eventually–the hows and wheres of the process.

Unless, of course, I let the old self-doubt have a full hand in the experience.  While it makes me cautious,it can also make me sweat.  Here’s to trust and friendship while i wade through hopefully undaunted by my worst enemy.

I’m a great writer — I can do this.

2 thoughts on “Self -doubt

  1. Of course you can – what the heck – you are doing it! I don’t know what kind of a computer you are using, but since I started creating my posts on Windows Live Writer, I have been so pleased with the ease of doing certain things that made me think I was going to pull my hair out when I was posted straight onto Word Press. The program has a really smooth interface with Word Press. Something to consider, maybe.

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