Sneak Peek/Weekend Warriors Sunday- 4/14/13

When he closed the door, Xavier realized that he was not alone. There at his computer, wearing only a shirt and captain’s hat, was Maribeth Gregor. She smiled and stood as he entered, revealing her lusciously long legs. Captain Gregor was without doubt the sexiest commissioned officer on any sea going vessel.

“Xavier,” The Captain smiled at him, “I knew you’d come running.” He found her laugh embarrassing. “You really should see your face. Happy Birthday, Hun.” Maribeth leaned over a little too far blowing Xavier a kiss. She handed him the print of the candid picture that his own web cam provided. “You don’t want me to tell your Uncle about this, do you?”

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9 thoughts on “Sneak Peek/Weekend Warriors Sunday- 4/14/13

  1. I love the easy flirtation and chemistry you’ve created between the characters here! Feels real! Excellent job!

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