Sneak Peek/ Weekend Warriors 4/21/13 (fromSeer)

Xavier woke with a hangover and no memories of the previous night. He frowned against the brightness of the captain’s cabin. The three women stretched out naked— half covered by blankets on the bed— were still asleep. It seemed a good time to make his exit. Xavier had no idea of his innocence or guilt, but if there were consequences he wanted out. The cook-hand of the Dorianne wanted no part in trouble, and he had seen more than his share of ‘circumstances.’ Xavier slid soundlessly to the floor. His clothes lay in a heap by the foot of the bed. Stopping only long enough to don his pants, he slipped silently out the door.

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8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek/ Weekend Warriors 4/21/13 (fromSeer)

  1. Patrick, You stole my line at 12:40, the one I came up as I was reading the blurb. You definitely captured my attention and that’s the primary goal here, I would think. Mission accomplished. I hope this is okay to say, but I’d put the word “partially” (or something similar) instead of “half” in the description. When I visualize “half covered,” it might be hard to know if they’re totally naked. Best of luck.

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