Sometimes I Actually Sleep

6002So many of my friends seem to be more productive bloggers. I’m here catch as can—-whenever I’m awake between TBR lists and rewrites and edits and new works… Yeah, life can be busy, even for someone like me. Blogging was not something I had in mind when I started writing. It was a new adventure, a new world.

Now I have come to enjoy it, but at the on set it was difficult. I still have much to master–this is just a personal commentary. I had fully intended to have a book review blog or one that revealed my attitudes and thoughts on writing and literature, but those have been at least delayed.

What I have found–and what I have treasured–is a community of wonderful bloggers all with very different styles and ideas just waiting for me to read and enjoy! Some have even responded to my follows in kind, though perhaps I have less to offer through my infrequency.

I’d like to take a moment to thank you all–for your writing and your time!
Without you I might have given up on this effort.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Actually Sleep

  1. We all have our busy and slow times (mostly busy). That is just part of the writing life. And I also find sleep to be a useful thing. Imrpoves my spelling. 😉

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