Weekend Warriors– 5/5/13 from Seer

Xavier lives a double life. He spends his time aboard the ship, Dorianne, and inside a game reality where he plays the role of knight.

The winds blew in little gusts from the beach as the knight gathered the picnic basket from the ground. It was a long walk back to Kareth. After an hour of waiting in the morning sun, it was apparent she was not coming. He wondered what it meant. Had some affair of State kept her away–or was this a message? Xavier would give her another chance, a thousand more chances. The young knight was strong in every way… except when it came to Margo.

Do you think that maybe he is in love?
For more of the weekend warriors —- A link to http://wewriwa.com/

12 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors– 5/5/13 from Seer

  1. He’s got it bad, if he’s going to give her 1000 more chances. I hope he isn’t going to be a doormat, I hope she has a good reason for missing their date. (See how you’ve reeled me into caring here LOL?) Terrific snippet!

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