Did you think…?

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Did you think that you’d ever write a book? Become a published author? Go to the moon and back again?

Well I was certain that I’d go to the moon. At the age of nine, I knew that I would be leaving my footprints there in the soft dusty soil. I would bound about in the low gravity doing high flying acrobatics until my grandmother announced it was lunchtime. Back to Earth…

We all have handicaps. Some of us can’t spell, some can’t rhyme and even some don’t seem to know a comma from a semicolon. On a good day, I’m lucky to find my feet and hope that no essential parts have dropped off my body. When you have all of your fingers and toes—-even if they don’t work—-life is relatively good. Staring at the keyboard never wrote anything…

Never did I ever consider myself a writer. However, I have always liked to tell stories. One day it just happened—I put words on paper and opened my heart. A book was born, half insanity and half passion. Not everything needs to make sense.

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17 thoughts on “Did you think…?

  1. I always thought I’d be a volcanologist. I had minor flights of fancy about being an archaeologist in Egypt or maybe a veterinarian, but really, hiking and studying the alien landscape of a volcano was more up my alley.

    Turns out I’m much better at writing. 😉

  2. Funny, when I was 9 I wanted to be an astronaut too. Now I find myself as a full time mother. Not really what I imagined but I am realizing that through participating and watching my children cultivate their own sense of creativity , as well as me cultivating my own, we can all soar to heaven’s heights and back, unhindered by the need for rocket ships or ginormous amounts of fuel. All that is needed is a healthy dose of passion and curiosity. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Patrick! I always wanted to write a book and now I am. Slow going, mind you, but, eventually, it will be finished. Wish you much success. 🙂

  4. As a child I thought I would become either Keats or Shelley, LOL, I don’t know how I changed my track. I am now back on it; not poems though. I guess your true calling always calls you back, from wherever you are.

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