Weekend Warriors 5/11/13 — From Seer

Another excerpt from Seer. I don’t think it requires an explanation:

As a rule Xavier had an interesting effect on people—-mostly on women. He turned heads and elicited sighs. He was keenly aware that Captain Gregor had ogled him more than once, and guests on the Dorianne often attempted seduction. By nature the assistant cook was flirtatious, but he had not welcomed the unsolicited attention. The bikini-clad society that frequented yacht adventures seemed superficial. Though he was well equipped to play their games, Xavier was seeking something more meaningful.

For more of the weekend warriors —- A link to http://wewriwa.com/

20 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors 5/11/13 — From Seer

  1. Very nice excerpt, Patrick! Love the sound of Xavier. Strong, masculine character. Well done! 🙂

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