Are you a morning person? Or –like me–does it take you many cups of coffee to sluggishly attempt even the slightest motion? Do you spring out of bed or languish idly under the covers. Given an option would you stay in bed?

10 thoughts on “Morning?

  1. My snooze and I are really good friends. I use it alot. I get started getting up at 3:30 AM, but don’t actually get up and moving until 4:00 AM. Once I start moving, it is easy, because all the house critters have no problem getting up and moving. Then I get to go feed the barn full of horses before I get ready for work. It is funny, they have a harder time getting moving, especially the older ones, but once they smell the food, they get all excited.

  2. funnily enough, I always used to be a morning person. I suppose because when you have young children you don’t have much choice. Nowadays as the kids are that bit older – I’m finding it harder and harder to get out of bed 😦

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