Loyalty, Prejudice, Friendship


In this current atmosphere of books written entirely for entertainment it can often be difficult to find the ones that say more. While I love a good story, I often desire more from the time I spend between the pages.

Fantasy is not always about magic and dragons. Although characters in fiction are used to reflect reality, the plot need not stop on the surface. There are often deeper issues that interplay to satisfy roving questions in the writer’s soul.

Controversy and conflict intertwine in a marriage to produce unforgettable tales. I personally want you to walk away satisfied by my work –that you found more than a simple story.

How do you feel about Prejudice? Loyalty? Betrayal?

Some of my blog friends are discussing the same issues after a fashion – Corinne Rodrigues
and Laurence O’Bryan discuss controversy!

6 thoughts on “Loyalty, Prejudice, Friendship

  1. I think loyalty is one of the most prized qualities in a friend. Prejudice one of the least. I agree with you, I want the time I spend reading to be worthwhile, entertaining, yes, but illuminating too.
    In a sense, all fiction is fantasy, since it isn’t true, but I like it to reflect real life and delve into those deeper issues you mention.
    Thank you for your thought provoking post.

  2. I think you will find that my books reflect many deeper issues, even the ones where the main characters are giant intelligent termites. Aliens are people, after all, with some of the same attitudes and problems.

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