The Water Also Has Moods!


Some days The river is silver, cold, brutal…totally out of character as a harsh wind blows in from the north.


Sunlight glitters from the dark blue surface merrily cavorting with the passing waves—- evidencing the joy of a hot summer day.


I have seen the water appear green like a jealous rival filled with harsh envy.


I have been enthralled by countless reflections that speak to me of a complexity that could only be known fully by a higher being.

The water—my thoughts and moods–are inexplicably tied in a daily dance toward some unknown end.
Do you see yourself reflected in your surroundings?

Do You Ever Look Back?


When I was younger, I often focused on events in the past. There were things that I should have done— did or didn’t do—- that haunted me. Precious time was wasted in contemplation of mistakes. While I don’t believe in entertaining regret, I do think that reflection can guide us toward a better future.
Eventually, I stopped blaming myself and began to look for things I could change.

This short post is about looking ahead and seeing the reflections of the amazing things that will be…. I hope that you all are granted wonderful adventures and have the vision to see them in your everyday lives.

(the photo was taken 5/14/13 —dawn at my home on the Tennessee River)

Work space Guest Post– Fictional Reality!


The Way I see my work space! Hope you will take a peek at Fictional Reality!

“Like other artists, writers are never alone—writing is only half of the process. The desk isn’t a magical spot. The enchantment comes from the reader when the small black and white scribblings are translated and reformed into ideas that take shape in the mind. For the work to be complete it must be read—-it depends on you!”

Weekend Warriors 5/11/13 — From Seer

Another excerpt from Seer. I don’t think it requires an explanation:

As a rule Xavier had an interesting effect on people—-mostly on women. He turned heads and elicited sighs. He was keenly aware that Captain Gregor had ogled him more than once, and guests on the Dorianne often attempted seduction. By nature the assistant cook was flirtatious, but he had not welcomed the unsolicited attention. The bikini-clad society that frequented yacht adventures seemed superficial. Though he was well equipped to play their games, Xavier was seeking something more meaningful.

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100 Words— The Wedding/Dark Secrets 5/11/13

(prompt photo 5/11/13)         Dark Secrets

(prompt photo 5/11/13)
Dark Secrets

The cathedral was empty this Saturday morning. A tuxedo clad man sat glumly in the rear pew, head in hands. Only a brief few hours earlier there had been a crowd. The bright sun had shown in through the multicolored windows adding the air of a festival. The church had been filled with the gaiety of new hope. The people had laughed and whispered quietly among themselves. The light blue dresses mixed with the black formal suits and all of his family had packed into one side of the hall, waiting, hoping– delighted that he was finally going to marry.

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