Hahahahaha Happy Birthday to Me! 6/14/2013


Every year seems to pass so quickly. I think I’m not so very old and then poof—its happy birthday time all over again.

I have committed to writing 50 books before I pass into forever, but maybe it will actually be 106… All of my stripes are still in place and quite clearly I am in possession of a very fine pink tongue.

To all my loved ones, thanks for the many great years and for the ones yet to come! Happy Birthday to ME Ow!!!

29 thoughts on “Hahahahaha Happy Birthday to Me! 6/14/2013

  1. Happy Birthday Patrick – your book keeps staring at me from the coffee table – at the moment it is 5th in the pile of books to read so not sure when I’ll get to it. It might get moved up the pile yet! LOL

  2. A Belated Happy Birthday…
    Hope you were granted Faerie Wishes
    sealed with soft Butterfly Kisses
    hope you danced in the rain or soaked up the sun
    may you hear the winds whisper..the best is yet to come!

    I have enjoyed wandering through your world today….
    Take Care…

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