No Giraffes…

( WARNING- this blog article may contain reality. Traverse at your own risk. The author is an expert. Please do not try this at home!)

I am an artist and words are my medium. I write fiction. First person, second or third…it is called imaginative storytelling. Quite possibly I am crazy. However, I am not lost in fantasy any more than I desire to be.

I am not a reporter.  Including small bits of reality in my art, pasting images here or there, lends credence to my daydreams. I may imagine a staircase where there is a hallway, see a ship where there is land, or place a flower where there is only sand. There are no giraffes at my house and I am not a small white dog.

Please don’t think of my ramblings as either right or wrong, truth or falsehood… very little I write is meant to be a relation of bare facts, but rather an examination of underlying emotion or philosophy. Practicing my art on a blog allows me to flex and bend my creative muscles. Let me tell my stories, ply my language paintbrush and simply enjoy. If you are going to read my posts, open your mind to what could be rather than what simply is. Who knows…You might begin to understand that a kiss is more than the touch of lips, or that you can not control another person’s thoughts no matter how you try. You might just smile, or cry, or see a side of things you missed before. You may even imagine giraffes…


8 thoughts on “No Giraffes…

  1. Hold the phone…Dreamer is FICTION? No, no. I’m convinced my next door neighbor is actually a dragon half the time, so I thought it was a how-to book 🙂

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