What Have I Learned From You?

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASometimes I think my behavior teaches the wrong things to the people around me. I am in pain, so I become easily angered. I am tired, so I have no interest. I am trying to focus on my writing, so I ignore your needs. I am not always the person I want to be…

Maybe these are not the things I want to convey at all.

What do I learn from you?

6 thoughts on “What Have I Learned From You?

  1. These few lines have forced me to ponder deeply the way I relate to other people and the world around me on a daily basis. I need to try harder. Thanks for bringing the deep stuff.

  2. Hugs, Patrick. Thank you for your thoughts this Saturday evening (here). I can so relate. We all fall short of what we want to be – the important thing is to know it’s not the end of the world. Tomorrow IS another day!

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