Comcast…I Am Unhappy!

I have been experiencing severe internet problems. I can’t upload pictures and my connection is often very very slow. Living the happy rural life has its disadvantages. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish this post before my internet dies yet again.
My patience is wearing thin and I will attempt to call for service during working hours Monday.

For now—- I wish everyone a great weekend


5 thoughts on “Comcast…I Am Unhappy!

  1. Don’t feel bad, it is not just being rural, we have the same problem when we have storms. Except sometimes our whole thing gets fried, that is a bit worse than being slow. Happy weekend to you also.

  2. Look at the bright side, you can hang out on the dock, and dangle a pole in the water . . . maybe catch a fish or two (for your kitty kats) but I DO miss yer smiling face 🙂
    I still have that hammer if you want to borrow it ❤

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