Comcast…Unhappy Resolution

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAToday I learned the unhappy truth.  Comcast does NOT guarantee any specific data rate. Translation: While you nominally have internet service, you can’t connect long enough or fast enough to send an email.

Now, in order to guarantee connection–at least a better chance of one– we have a package that will cost you way more and you will need a new modem.

Oh Comcast…I’m really thrilled with your service —NOT!

The rural life costs extra! (And this better load and post!)

4 thoughts on “Comcast…Unhappy Resolution

  1. I hear you on the rural situation, for sure. We use a satellite server – expensive! And so site specific – but lucky for us we have a pretty clear path up to said satellite. Others around us had less success. But the service can be slow at times – they definitely data shape us according to how much band width we’ve taken up in any given day. Social media sites are fast enough for me, posting to WordPress almost always works, but forget ever streaming any video – never going to happen. But what the heck – better than when all we had for communication with the great big world was a two-way radio phone! Technology is a curse and a blessing.

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