A Little Halloween Story

patrick o'scheen

“Hey, Jack!” Round, orange…evil. I stared out from my place upon the porch steps and tried my best to grab the interest of the other lantern. Smoke issued from the openings that were at least ostensibly his eyes.

“Did you see those kids?” I began with small-talk, but he continued to ignore me. “That pirate one was chewing something sticky, and he dropped a bit on my stem.” The other jack-o-lantern simply grinned with an impassive expression— without answering my need for attention.

The wind howled plaintively through the trees blowing a few brightly colored leaves against my painted smile. I watched through the shadows as something moved toward our house. The candles near my head sputtered and went out, leaving me and the other pumpkin in darkness.

Footsteps on the path resounded in the chill night air. “Teens! We gotta run!” I shouted, but the truth was I knew…

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There is one thing that many authors seem to lack. In romance through horror the word is passion.

I’m not talking about the lovey, squishy, messy thing between consenting adults. Passion is an author’s burning need to tell the story. It makes the plot and the characters eat at him until he nearly bleeds words. It’s what sets any work apart from the mundane.

All of the craft experience in the world will net a miserable story without this key ingredient. Authors gather around and be honest with us readers.

So I ask you…Do you feel your story like the heat of a summer day, like the cold of a bitter night, like the very inside of your soul?

A Series Must Start Somewhere . . .


In my third and last post (for now) on the work of self-published author, Patrick O’Scheen, I turn the blog over to the man himself for his thoughts and reflections on the art of series writing. Take it away Patrick.

SEER guest post imageOne, two…three…four…more. A series starts somewhere. It grows from a simple story into an elaborate sequence of plots all tied together by a place, a time, a theme, an opinion, or a thread. They are multiples of the same…that are different.

Authors choose to divide a single story into a series of books for various reasons. Often the plot is too complex to be contained in a single tome, but usually it is a question of document size. Books beyond what is considered a normal word number are separated into volumes for the sake of magnitude. However, some authors also consider a cliff-hanger a way to bolster bookshelf sales.


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Star-crossed Love in the Land of Marithe – A Book Review of “Seer” by Patrick O’Scheen


SEER guest post SEER cover

This business of a seer is to see; and if he involves himself in the God-eclipsing activities that make seeing impossible, he betrays the trust that his fellows have tacitly placed in him. (Aldous Huxley)

Welcome to part two of a three post series on the work of self-published author, Patrick O’Scheen. In the first post, I linked back to a review I did of Dreamer and I reposted an interview done with O’Scheen. Today, I will share my review of Seer, Book Two in the Chronicles of Marithe.

Seer – A Book Review

Seer – Patrick O’Scheen’s second book in the Chronicles of Marithe is an exciting, page-turning read. I recommend it for those readers who love dragons, spell casters and wizards, demon kings and beautifully, exotic women who sing like angels or are prey to visions of what may or may not come to be.

Seer, takes us…

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