There is one thing that many authors seem to lack. In romance through horror the word is passion.

I’m not talking about the lovey, squishy, messy thing between consenting adults. Passion is an author’s burning need to tell the story. It makes the plot and the characters eat at him until he nearly bleeds words. It’s what sets any work apart from the mundane.

All of the craft experience in the world will net a miserable story without this key ingredient. Authors gather around and be honest with us readers.

So I ask you…Do you feel your story like the heat of a summer day, like the cold of a bitter night, like the very inside of your soul?

7 thoughts on “Passion

  1. My words come from the very depths of my soul, and the only thing that bleeds is the tips of my fingers from typing so many words . . . lol
    But . . . I put everything I have into my writing, as you well know, sometimes too much (as in repetitive words) 🙂 but it helps to have a wonderful editor/critiquer

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