A Little Halloween Story

“Hey, Jack!” Round, orange…evil. I stared out from my place upon the porch steps and tried my best to grab the interest of the other lantern. Smoke issued from the openings that were at least ostensibly his eyes.

“Did you see those kids?” I began with small-talk, but he continued to ignore me. “That pirate one was chewing something sticky, and he dropped a bit on my stem.” The other jack-o-lantern simply grinned with an impassive expression— without answering my need for attention.

The wind howled plaintively through the trees blowing a few brightly colored leaves against my painted smile. I watched through the shadows as something moved toward our house. The candles near my head sputtered and went out, leaving me and the other pumpkin in darkness.

Footsteps on the path resounded in the chill night air. “Teens! We gotta run!” I shouted, but the truth was I knew that we weren’t going anywhere…

Everyone knows what they like to do with Halloween pumpkins…


The Chronicles of Marithe–Dreamer & Seer by Patrick O’Scheen


SEER guest post Dreamer coverFor the month of October, I plan to be having all kinds of fun romping around with my granddaughters. I’ve also got some great things lined up for my blog readers.

I’m going to kick off the month of October with a three part series on the work of fellow self-published author, Patrick O’Scheen. Some of you may remember that I interviewed Patrick when his first book, Dreamer came out. Today, I’ll link you back to and re-run my interview.

In part two, I’ll post my review of Patrick’s new book – Seer – the sequel to Dreamer. And the third part will be a guest post by himself – the man – the author of the Chronicles of Marithe, Patrick O’Scheen. So, here we go!

Fantasy is a popular genre, folks. It has gone main-stream. Most readers have certainly put a toe in the water. (The Hobbit, Lord…

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