Life with a Dragon

Sometimes it’s a long road to crazy. I find myself objecting to being categorized among the outsiders of humanity. I’m too outspoken, too loud, too free with my opinions…or perhaps my opinions are too unrestrained. Whatever the reason, I am branded with the rest of you as “different.” Yes, we are a group of unusual people.


Now, I have no problem holding my head up and saying I prefer the unique. Life is too short for conformity. There has been only one major repercussion–I have difficulty selling books.

As an artist, I shrug off the discomfort. As someone who needs to eat, life can become interesting without money. I envision myself as an old man standing in a subway tunnel with an open guitar case. I read poetry to the passing masses. The upturned hat–yeah that’s right–it’s for change.
“Can you spare a dime?”

We are all unique in some way. Fortunately, I am young enough to sustain my lifestyle and my dignity, at least for now. I can’t stop writing. It wouldn’t be possible if I tried. Therein lies the insanity.

9 thoughts on “Life with a Dragon

  1. I think you have hit the proverbial ‘nail on the head’ my friend. Sometimes I wonder at what drives me to sit up all hours of the night (when I do my best writing in my ‘woman cave’) with all the lights turned off, only the glare from my laptop screen to comfort me, tapping incessantly away on the keyboard, wrapped up in my fantasy world that stares at me from the screen. Something is driving me, and so far, it hasn’t been money or fame . . . those are still a looooong way down that long road I am traversing. I think we all have the need to express our thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a verbal way, and that is what pushes us to the brink. But, overall, I enjoy writing just for the sake of writing, and it helps clear out the umpteen tales floating around in my head . . . let your imagination go, stock up on ‘ramen’ noodles, and let the words fly forth my friend. One day, you’ll be dining on caviar and champagne, because YOUR tales are beautiful and well written!!!!!!!! ❤

  2. I too have always been different. In school that was a curse. It made me a target. Now as an adult it makes me interesting. I’m still always a little removed from the people around me though. I’ll always be different, and I’m OK with that.

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