A Link to Dreamer


It looks rather nice like this! click the link to Amazon!


This photo of my PDF proof says where I live. I am a writer, but the advertizing aspects are new to me. Most people believe that you get a traditional publisher and presto- you’re a success.
Life being full of wonderous mysteries– that’s not quite how it works. So, for me, here comes the hard part. My tate author page: http://patrickoscheen.tateauthor.com/

I get by with a little help from my friends…
I’d like to thank everyone who tolerates me, my problems and my self-absorbed proclivity for writing. Special thanks go out to my family and Bettina Rowe for patience and guiding wisdom. I’d also like to thank my friends in BBT café for their help and kind consideration once this manuscript was complete.
Dreamer wasn’t written alone, although at times—locked in my tiny space— I felt isolated. The book is an effort of love, a demonstration of strong relationships. To all of you, my heart felt thanks.
a Dreamer Video is on Youtube!
Dreamer is on Amazon

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