A Serial Story Sci-Fi /Fantasy

(from Earthsky.org)

(from Earthsky.org)

This is something very different for me. I began this story on a new page because it deserves to be separated from my normal ramblings. This, of course comes under copyright considerations.- Patrick O’Scheen 2013. Without further ado I will begin “To Reach You” a story of first contact.

Chapter 1 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-36
Chapter 2 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-3o
Chapter 3 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-3L
Chapter 4 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-3U
Chapter 5 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-4e
Chapter 6 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-4J
Chapter 7 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-4U
Chapter 8 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-58
Chapter 9 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-6e
Chapter 10 – http://wp.me/P36JSE-7p

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