Was Hungry Today…

Yes, I was hungry. I ate spaghetti, waffles and oatmeal – not on the same plate. Sometimes I have no appetite at all. I’m not sure which is worse because now my stomach hurts and I regret eating quite so much.

I think that I will never be normal. Mostly I have no desire for food. A great deal of nausea recently has kept my interest minimal.

Dragons like to eat…EVERYTHING!!! Why the baffled expression? You knew I was big and red and scaly…

Excerpt- Weekend Warriors 7/28/13

A short excerpt from Kris— A Charles the Cat Story. For clarity, Kris lives at a Catholic orphanage:

The brisk evening air almost forced the boy back inside, but he was determined to be certain of what he had seen. Searching the pathway right and left, Kris found nothing but blowing snow. He had almost given up when he heard the soft mewing. Scrambling backwards, he scanned the pathway one more time. Standing in the dim light, white on white, was a tiny kitten, crying inconsolably. Grabbing the little creature and tucking it quickly under his jacket, Kris turned back toward the building, but almost collided with the parish priest in his hurry.
Flailing to keep his balance, Kris nearly knocked the man down and had pulled open the closure of the priest’s huge overcoat. “What have we here?”

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Warriors 7/7/13

A little excerpt from Kris— Kris has been sent to the genetic testing clinic a second time to confirm his identity.

Imagination running wild, Kris envisioned his parents as rebels, rock stars and time travelers…always coming back to the same conclusion. It was more likely that his genetics were tied with a set of criminals serving life sentences in maximum security.
As he stared up toward the dropped ceiling, the boy wished that he was somewhere else. He really did not want to learn that his father and mother were akin to Bonnie and Clyde. “Next,” the nurse called his name after reexamining his forms. “Kris Cane.” Looking up from the hallway chair, he wondered why she bothered. There was no one there except him.

For more of the weekend warriors —- A link to http://wewriwa.com/

New Book — Kris

11,035 words today! This is book six, but to be honest  book one is being so difficult I might not publish the rest.  Thing is I’m a natural optimist, and inately I believe that I can learn to make it work. I am disappointed in the marketing aspects so far. Have read blogs that say most books seill 250 copies tops… Rather discouraging. However, Dreamer is a good read and a great story. Soooo you never know.