Read It or Eat It!

Having devoured several apple trees and a few pilfered delights from the farm, the Dragon would like dessert. There are always books he could devour.  Pie: An Old Brown Horse by Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo is positioned within reach. A loud noise  from the Dragon’s belly indicates his appetite. The Dragon considers his options. Should he read it or eat it?


Let’s consider the more savory aspects of the story. The book takes a horse-eye-view of humans and life. Pie is a skilled cattle horse who survives near death injuries while corralling a bull. He finds himself discarded by the cowboys that have been the corner stones of his world to be stabled and sold. However, this is by no means the end of his story but rather the beginning as he finds his human and continues to have adventures.

The book has many horses…and the Dragon thinks they might be tasty, but he knows there is a social stigma attached to eating horse meat…



Besides…they are very pretty.

Cooking Pros and Cons-


  1. There are many animals in the story.
  2. The horses point of view gives a unique perspective reminiscent of Black Beauty.
  3. The complexity of the story rests on small adjunct stories within the body of the big picture.
  4. The language is readable and appropriate to the horse point of view.


  1. There are no dragons in the story.
  2. Many parts of Pie’s life seem very real and very sad.

Animal and horse lovers will consider this tale a treasure. The Dragon says save this book for reading. Although a tasty treat, it will be much better consumed by the heart. Buy it! !!!!ROAR!!!!  It can be found at Amazon and where large animals books are sold.

You can locate Kandy at all the usual stables facebook and twitter and her blog. To copy a phrase she likes to use: Happy Trails!

Weekend Warriors 7/7/13

A little excerpt from Kris— Kris has been sent to the genetic testing clinic a second time to confirm his identity.

Imagination running wild, Kris envisioned his parents as rebels, rock stars and time travelers…always coming back to the same conclusion. It was more likely that his genetics were tied with a set of criminals serving life sentences in maximum security.
As he stared up toward the dropped ceiling, the boy wished that he was somewhere else. He really did not want to learn that his father and mother were akin to Bonnie and Clyde. “Next,” the nurse called his name after reexamining his forms. “Kris Cane.” Looking up from the hallway chair, he wondered why she bothered. There was no one there except him.

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Read It or Eat It!


The Dragon rubs his empty belly and considers his well stocked book shelf. No he is not desperate…but some of the titles look very tasty. The Curse of the Salute a thriller by Anastacia Moore has fallen near the cook pot. Should he read it or eat it?
A loud growl from his belly indicates his interest.

Let’s digest the story a little. The Salute is a small fishing boat owned by a man named Charles Frank and his son Dick. They hire a friend of the old man’s named Pete during tuna season…and the scary begins. The characters are very real and the descriptions of the fishing are amazing. Although the Dragon is a fire dragon…
What’s on the menu…
Tuna has many possibilities!!



The story  takes us down a path of evil that threatens to take everything from Dick including his sanity.

—Cooking Pros and Cons—-


  1. the descriptions of the vessel and the fishing are amazing.
  2. the language is simple and totally in keeping with the story, the prose is readable
  3. the characters are well developed
  4. the relationship between the father and son is nicely detailed
  5. the tension builds well
  6. the plot keeps the reader’s interest throughout


  1.  there are no dragons in the story…
  2. there is ocean everywhere

The Dragon says save this book for reading. Although a tasty treat, it will be much better consumed by the mind. This is an entertaining novel. Buy it! !!!!ROAR!!!! It can be found at amazon and wherever fine seafood books are sold.

You can find Anastacia underwater in all of the usual aquariums – facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and blog.

Weekend Warriors 6/30/2013

An excerpt for Seer…coming soon.
Newly designated queen, Mirandra prepares to meet a gypsy prince:

The smile that crept upon Mirandra’s lips held the sarcasm of a life time of demeaning abuse from people similar to those that greeted her with such profound respect. Mirandra held out her hand, palm downward to the northern dignitary. Men from the north appeared to be very attractive and this one was stunning, like a heroic knight in white leather and a flowing fur cloak. The queen felt herself wince against the reflected light of the man’s clothing. No doubt it was camouflage in snow, but here in the court it stung the eyes.

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Read It Or Eat It!!

17370344——The Dragon rubs his grey scaled belly and considers his next meal. The book Days Gone Bad  an urban fantasy written by Eric Asher lies upside-down near his cooking pots and he asks himself aloud, “should I read it …or eat it?”——

Let’s chew on the story a bit. Damian Vesik is an urban necromancer. That’s right…an enigma who manages a magic shop called Death’s Door smack dab in the middle of old town. The plot commands a panoply of secondary characters, a vampire sister, several fairies and even magical cu sith puppies, lacking nothing in tasty mythical creatures.

The necromancer himself has a hearty appetite for –of all things—! chimichangas!81d69bd2a09bf4ff1e362d6df906ac55
—–The dragon is fond of hot food and a bit of fire escapes his lips as he considers the menu!!!!——

The story shifts from problems concerning the necromancer’s sister when his mentor, Zola, returns from a long absence. There is evil afoot and it will take necromancers to fix the world’s troubles. However Damian is just a beginner at the craft…

An old ally is conjuring zombies and playing with ancient relics…putting the very essence of life at risk.

——–Cooking pros and cons:


  1. There is abundance of humor mixed into the story.
  2. Damian is a junior necromancer and so makes mistakes…which makes him way more believable.
  3. There are fairies that live in a clock and grow to gigantic proportions when angered.
  4. The plot moves along at a good pace.
  5. The prose is very readable.
  6. The story line keeps the reader attracted throughout the book.


  1. There are no dragons in the story….
  2. Chimichangas don’t reheat well with dragon fire.

The Dragon says save this book for reading. Although a tasty treat, it will be much better consumed by the mind. This is an entertaining novel. Buy it! !!!!ROAR!!!! available where all fine food books are sold!
You can find Eric in all of his hidey holes and rabbit warrens facebook, twitter and blog.

A Little Gossip!

eyes 3

Excerpt from Seer- A little gossip to whet the appetite…

When the Seer awoke inside Castle Kareth, the area was a hum with the chatter of servants. She had been carried to the rooms reserved for menial laborers and scullery maids and placed on a rough pallet… by Duke Baben’s orders. Her fine silk dress was snagged and covered by straw, and her hair was tangled from restless slumber. No one had regarded her as important enough to warrant calling the wizard to attend her health. Three women sat sewing in the small area, heads bobbing, chairs rocking and tongues wagging. Mirandra sat up and coughed, listening to the gossip spilling out around her.

“I heard they ran off to Mapara. The princess was in love with him,” one woman who was pulling a needle through an embroidery hoop sat chattering.

She was answered by another of her companions, “I thought she was to marry that king and bring us better food. I’m all for that,” the second woman gave a broad smile revealing a pink hole devoid of teeth.

“Nah! If it’s for us, it’ll never happen,” a chortling laugh exploded from across the room. “Don’t get your hopes up. The heart is gone from Kareth. Aint no one here gonna care what happens to us…”

“Looks like Her Majesty’s awake,” the first girl nodded her head toward Mirandra as the Seer straightened her gown. The three servants stared at her. “So what happened to you, Sweetie? Where do you belong? Haven’t seen you here and your clothes are too nice to be in this part of the castle. The duke brought you here himself, he did.”

Mirandra smiled at the expectant faces. They were interested in any juicy tidbit she might throw, like lions after meat. “What happened? Who’s in love with the princess?” Mirandra laughed indicating that she had been eavesdropping.

“Why the duke is. The two of them ran away together. They were both gone this morning,” the toothless maid gifted the Seer with a wide grin. “And the royal bed looked like it had quite a roll.”

“Hattie! Hush!” The other girl responded surprised her friend would speak so freely in front of a stranger.

“It’s all right,” Mirandra rubbed her forehead. “I’m no one important,” she returned the smile. “I was just here to care for the princess’s cat.”

“I told you she was the Seer,” one of them barked and slid her chair backwards slightly. Apprehension filled the space between them.

Weekend Warriors 6/23/13

An excerpt from Seer, book 2- the Chronicles of Marithe: The great wizard must tell his friends that he is not a human. He has no idea how they will react—

“There has been massive destruction of the dragons.” His last sentence floated quietly out over the crowd. The humans gathered in the Tespin Inn did not cheer or show signs of fear, but rather waited for his next words.  The great wizard had paused to gauge their reactions.  When he saw nothing in the peoples’ demeanor to suggest that they were in favor of dragon annihilation, he continued— the populace hanging on every word.

“It has come time for me to choose sides in the Great War. I will always love Tespin and guard you, all of you.  Please understand that.  Nothing has changed my high regard for my home and my family here, but…” He paused lifting his head to search their eyes, “I am a dragon by birth.”

Seer should be available near the end of July 2013

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Tea with the Dragon and Cairn Rodrigues!


Tea Iced coffee with the Dragon and Cairn Rodrigeus!

Oh how the Dragon loves tea time!!! The dishes are set and I have a delicious delightful visitor today. No, I do not mean the ant!!! Cairn Rodrigues is the author of the book The Last Prospector —-a high fantasy soon to be released— and blogger on The Light Stealer’s Song. She is a talented writer and creator of the Askew Questions series of interviews.
I have read her book and am a follower of her blog! Please help me welcome my talented guest… (NO! NOT the ant!)

Dragon: Tea? I have Earl Grey!
Cairn: I’d like an iced coffee with a chocolate cinnamon cookie please!

(I snort and a puff of smoke escapes through my teeth…It is tea time! I am a fire dragon…. However, I too am a coffee lover so I will not speak my displeasure at the thought of iced coffee, but rather simply comply and make my best recipe.)

Dragon: Cairn?
Cairn: Hmmm?

(She looks up at me…I think perhaps she does not like my other guest, Mr. Ant. I am ready to address the important and pressing questions that lurk in a dragon mind.)

Dragon: If elephants could indeed fly, where would they go?
Cairn: I’m wrestling with this … because I want to honor your question. But as I try and be the elephant, my only elephant thought is, “Why would I want to fly? I’m perfectly happy down here as long as all you people leave me alone.”

(Perhaps Cairn knows ants better than elephants. she seems to be making friends with the ones on the table…)


Dragon: You created and write in the blog called the Light Stealer’s Song. Can you tell us about the name and its ties to your upcoming novel?
Cairn: Light stealers are beings of my creation. They are living crystals, they grow like plants but look like many other things in the natural world. There are flower, animal and mineral shaped ‘stealers all over Solstice. The light stealers are an integral piece of the overall story of Solstice and an integral component to the world of Solstice. There are rumors that it was the ‘stealers who actually created Solstice. I’m not at liberty to confirm or deny at this time.

(The ants have been eyeing Cairn… Perhaps she will invent Antstealers. I lick my claws and try not to think of what lightstealers might taste like…)

Dragon: I’m looking forward to publication of the Last Prospector. Can you give us a release date? Can you also comment on your past love affair with a certain bit of punctuation?

Cairn: I’m looking forward to it too!  What is not so appealing are all the technical aspects of formatting and self-publishing a book.  It can be overwhelming so I’m taking it slow and trying to do it right.

 Regarding the punctuation situation:  Since I frequently describe myself as an obsessive questioner, my love affair with the question mark is ongoing.       Therefore I must assume you’re referring to all those messy semi colons that used to pepper my manuscripts.  Well, according to informed sources anyway, book editing is a “thing” nowadays. 

Find and replace is also a“thing.” 

(For Dragons “the thing” is always fire or maybe eating; I’m not sure; Quite possibly it is reading as well; It is not semicolons.)

Dragon: If you were a cat, what kind would you be?

Cairn:  I’d be an ocelot.  It’s fun to say ocelot.

(I am thinking it is more fun to eat ocelot than say it! I am thinking of eating many ocelots. The ants are thinking of eating Cairn)

Dragon: As a huge fan of street art, what would you draw or do…if you could?
Cairn: As much as I admire street art, I have no desire to be a street artist. Since I’ve always expressed myself very well with words, those have become one area of my art. But my artistic expressions range from cooking to backyard installations and beyond. Frankly I can’t even really imagine what it’s like to be able to draw, to me it’s a wondrous ability.

(I begin to draw another puff of smoke and watch as Cairn takes a bite of cinnamon cookie. I notice that she has an impressive set of incisors…not as impressive as my own, but to the ants… )

Dragon: You and I like our gardens. How does planting a garden
help you write? Does it interfere?

Cairn: Gardening interferes with everything.  A garden is full of living creatures that need tending in order to thrive, they can’t be put off until the time is convenient.  But
it’s a form of meditation, a time when my body is fully occupied but my mind is
free to wander.  I can work out story ideas, blog posts and other notions
almost without distraction.  Most of the Song of Solstice was actually
“written” in my mind while gardening, especially during rose tending for some reason.

(I shoot a glance to my snapdragons…they interfere with nothing…they are dragons.)

Dragon: Why do you write? Do you
feel it’s essential that your work be read, or is the project complete when

Cairn: Writing for me is not the grueling, self-doubting experience that many authors seem to wrestle with.  When I’m tucked into writing an installment of my series, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and start.  And yes!  Being read by others is pretty darn close to being essential!  I won’t pretend anything differently, I want everybody to fall in love with Prospector the way I have.  I want everyone to get caught up in the world of Solstice like me, it’s too much fun to be there alone.

(Cairn has been patient with the ants, but now she is staring at me…I am afraid to ask her why.)

Dragon: Tell me a little bit about your blog. Have you enjoyed doing interviews? Stories?

Cairn: What to say about my blog?  You never know what you’re going to get, that’s for sure.  I’m opinionated and excitable, many things catch my attention.  Eventually it all gets sorted and filtered into reasonably entertaining posts.  The interviews are too much fun, each one is better than the last. There are more than enough serious and fatuous interviews to be found, the genre needed some whimsy.  Askew Questions appeals to people because they would love to answer some of the questions themselves.  Everyone has their own choice for schoolyard pick and very soon everyone will be putting their shoes in unusual places…

 As for my one blog story, Wanderer, I have no idea if that was fun or not.  I enjoyed writing, but I don’t think anyone read it because I haven’t heard one thing.  So there you go.  Will I do it again?  I dunno.  You never can tell what I’m going to do next.

(I have begun to worry as to whether or not Cairns eat Dragons. I am uncertain of her dietary needs. However I will refrain from gobbling her down  for today. I will wait patiently– at least until her book is released)

Sadly it is time to say adieu to my ant friends and Cairn Rodrigues! It has been my honor to feast ask her so many things! I am hoping that she will find time to return for more tea iced coffee once her book is released. You can find Cairn on Facebook or twitter! At least before the ants get her and carry her off!!!




Weekend Warriors 6/16/13

An excerpt from Seer-book 2 the Chronicles of Marithe. Lase, the demon male, examines his current situation. He lives beside his heart’s desire, but he can not have her:

The demon had become talented in methods of discouraging suitors. The man who took Mirandra from him would need to be special, worthy in his estimation of the word ‘prince.’ Lase intended to be very certain that she would be happy. Glahee law dictated that males must remain faithful to their wives, in theory if not practice. Lase would see to it that her future husband would treat her like a queen…and that he would be faithful until death. The thoughts of her in another man’s arms stirred anguish deep within his soul. He sighed as he prepared another cup of Baya and watched his beloved ready herself for the day. Lase refused to allow the evil within him to touch Mirandra’s life. He choked back his tears. Demons do not cry.


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