In and Out

The simple thought of motion defines so many parts of life. In a smaller sense it describes activity in a microcosm of our day. I went into the kitchen and came out with my coffee…SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Maybe not what someone was expecting, but apt  nonetheless.

I find the concept of a quick turn around defining many parts of life, and I object. We all prefer in the hospital to be a quick out of the hospital, but in love needs to last a life time.

I insist on the permanence of certain concepts–liberty, happiness, choice, freedom, love—being among my favorites. It makes me wonder how these things can so easily fall into the category of temporary.

Yes, someone may point out that liberty, freedom and choice are the same thing, but that is not always true…

My mind is open.  How about you?

Do You Ever Look Back?


When I was younger, I often focused on events in the past. There were things that I should have done— did or didn’t do—- that haunted me. Precious time was wasted in contemplation of mistakes. While I don’t believe in entertaining regret, I do think that reflection can guide us toward a better future.
Eventually, I stopped blaming myself and began to look for things I could change.

This short post is about looking ahead and seeing the reflections of the amazing things that will be…. I hope that you all are granted wonderful adventures and have the vision to see them in your everyday lives.

(the photo was taken 5/14/13 —dawn at my home on the Tennessee River)