Comcast…Unhappy Resolution

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAToday I learned the unhappy truth.  Comcast does NOT guarantee any specific data rate. Translation: While you nominally have internet service, you can’t connect long enough or fast enough to send an email.

Now, in order to guarantee connection–at least a better chance of one– we have a package that will cost you way more and you will need a new modem.

Oh Comcast…I’m really thrilled with your service —NOT!

The rural life costs extra! (And this better load and post!)

Comcast…I Am Unhappy!

I have been experiencing severe internet problems. I can’t upload pictures and my connection is often very very slow. Living the happy rural life has its disadvantages. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish this post before my internet dies yet again.
My patience is wearing thin and I will attempt to call for service during working hours Monday.

For now—- I wish everyone a great weekend