So here I am…

I’m a story teller. You already know that. I invent things, sometimes things that I can not have. I dream. I want more time. I fly. I crawl. I dance. I manage to become hundreds of people, while the me that’s inside is often lost and afraid. Do you love me? Do you hate me? Do you wonder who I am? Open your eyes.

The answer is very clear–so do I.

Read It Or Eat IT!


Today is a rather unusual day for the Dragon…He has devoured much of his own work and finds his stomach very full.
The cook pot is boiling and Seer lies upside-down by the Dragon’s bloated tummy. “Enough!” He is heard to growl loudly. “The book is almost ready to share!”

The story is a dual theme of reality and fantasy.  Xavier, a young gamer with a curse, must find a way to survive as a knight in a world filled with demons and dragons. There is only one thing he truly seeks–the love of a princess.

A Steaming Cup of Baya!

Pros and Cons of cooking–

  1. It has plenty of Dragons.
  2. It has tasty gypsy dancers
  3. Baya, a Glahee Gypsy drink sounds a lot like coffee
  4. the story really works up a hungry appetite
  5. the insane mind of Patrick O’Scheen flows clearly in each line

the Dragon says: “ROAR!!!!  Don’t even think about eating it! You will enjoy this book!! It will be on sale soon at Amazon and all the other fine gypsy eateries places books are sold!!!”

Seer Final Large

The Dragon can be found  right here!!! Roar!!!

A Moment’s Digression

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMark 12:31 The second (commandment) is this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

What? what about ego? Me and I??? I have been told that I can be self-absorbed… Isn’t that a common affliction? We become so wrapped in our own perspective. We can love our neighbors… if they conform to our expectations, if they have not fallen prey to what we consider human frailties.

Hard to think about and even harder to accomplish a devotion without prejudice, anger or judgment….unconditional love.

Love…it transcends all other factors. It overrides all other concerns. What sort of a world would it be if love came above all things?

Have a wonderful Sunday!