A Moment’s Wisdom…


It is the most amazing thing to realize that we are all the same, all equal. No amount of puffing or squeaking makes one of us intrinsically better than any other. Not even our fervent faith can change the fact that each one of us, no matter how blessed, is equal in all ways to the next.

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A Moment’s Consideration


Twenty seems too young to be married, but who am I to judge? Who knows what they have yet to accomplish and life is far more difficult alone.
How would I react if they didn’t fit my other arbitrary standards?
Where did those predetermined pictures come from? Do we have the courage to discard our preconceived notions, give up prejudices?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Loyalty, Prejudice, Friendship


In this current atmosphere of books written entirely for entertainment it can often be difficult to find the ones that say more. While I love a good story, I often desire more from the time I spend between the pages.

Fantasy is not always about magic and dragons. Although characters in fiction are used to reflect reality, the plot need not stop on the surface. There are often deeper issues that interplay to satisfy roving questions in the writer’s soul.

Controversy and conflict intertwine in a marriage to produce unforgettable tales. I personally want you to walk away satisfied by my work –that you found more than a simple story.

How do you feel about Prejudice? Loyalty? Betrayal?

Some of my blog friends are discussing the same issues after a fashion – Corinne Rodrigues
and Laurence O’Bryan discuss controversy!

Seer 5/23/13

Seer, Book 2 of the Chronicles of Marithe, is written and edited. I am in the process of choosing a cover and will be soon listing it on Good Reads as a pre-release.
I am considering several options for the art and will be posting them on a facebook event to gather your opinions.

This is a story that stands well alone or in company with the first book of the series— again exploring a dual reality. The title is rife with shape shifting dragons, kings, heroes and villains and is a story near to my heart.
An underlying theme of betrayal and prejudice is threaded through the mesmerizing tale of a gipsy queen. I hope that you will join me as I trace the steps in preparation for the release of Seer.