A Moment’s Consideration


Twenty seems too young to be married, but who am I to judge? Who knows what they have yet to accomplish and life is far more difficult alone.
How would I react if they didn’t fit my other arbitrary standards?
Where did those predetermined pictures come from? Do we have the courage to discard our preconceived notions, give up prejudices?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

A Moment’s Intervention

Forgiveness — Something we believe that we are granted. Why then is it so difficult to do the same?

I often have the greatest trouble letting go of my own mistakes. It is hard to free oneself from the burdens of guilt. The things I have done that bring me shame huant my life awake and asleep. I think that the universe will not even remember my flaws, but they plauge my soul and make the simplest of things sometimes a chore.
I must learn–
Let go of the past. Love is also meant for you.If heaven forgives me, I need to forgive myself.

A Moment’s Digression

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMark 12:31 The second (commandment) is this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

What? what about ego? Me and I??? I have been told that I can be self-absorbed… Isn’t that a common affliction? We become so wrapped in our own perspective. We can love our neighbors… if they conform to our expectations, if they have not fallen prey to what we consider human frailties.

Hard to think about and even harder to accomplish a devotion without prejudice, anger or judgment….unconditional love.

Love…it transcends all other factors. It overrides all other concerns. What sort of a world would it be if love came above all things?

Have a wonderful Sunday!