Book Review/ author Interview Patrick-Exposed!

I’d like to thank Amanda Fanger for reading and reviewing Dreamer. as well as interviewing a rather bashful author.
The interview made me realize how painfully shy I can be.

Blogging is difficult for me. It cuts close to home. Some of the things I can be coaxed into saying are dreadfully personal, yet I avoid talking about favorite foods, books, colors as a whole rather deliberately. I guess it makes me too human.

Cheers, Amanda and here’s to all my readers. I hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Book Review/ author Interview Patrick-Exposed!

  1. What a fabulous interveiw, Patrick – thanks so much for directing us to it. A blue-eyed, sea-going traveller and cook – nice! Can’t wait to read the book – the whole angle of illness/dragon transformation is fascinating.

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