Most of you already know that I am fairly new to blogging. Someone said I should use the medium to practice writing. I availed myself of the opportunity to present my photography, drawings, and minor musings and I scratched my itch, creating a rather egocentric look at the world of blogging while I made an attempt to understand the difference between widgets and gizmos.

A good old-fashioned scratch.

Maturing only slightly as a blogger, I have enjoyed guest posting on the sites of a few friends patient enough to host me.

Today I examined my perspectives and realized, that –while I was communicating from my innermost heart–I was partially missing the picture.


Now, there is nothing wrong with looking inward. However there is a vast world if one adjusts the lens.

With your indulgence, I would like to do something different on future Saturdays. I would like to reach out and give back a little of the camaraderie I have felt by opening Saturday to a different perspective — other posts, guest posts, interviews, outside ideas and possibly book reviews.

Next Saturday I will be very proud to be hosting a conversation with a lady who has amazing talent both at blogging and writing fiction. I hope you all will be looking forward to this event as much as I am.


8 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. Good idea Patrick – I have also come to the same conclusion so I will also start to host some interview and book review posts soon. Look forward to seeing your guest posts and maybe one day I can host yourself on my humble blog πŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like fun! Afraid to look in myself, too many things going on in there and I might not get out! Scarey thought!

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