How to Write a Book Review

In answer to the many questions I received from my post “Writing Isn’t All Glamor”, writing a book review is not difficult.  As a reader, you have an opinion that writers actually would love to hear.
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Locate the book on Amazon like you would if you were going to buy it. Find the customer reviews by clicking on “customer reviews.” To the right of a bar graph that shows the number of reviews sorted by the number of stars given you will locate a tab that says “Create your own review.” Click it and start writing.

The process is basically 3 simple steps.

  1. Read the book
  2. Answer the question –Did you like it?
  3. Give an explanation.

Let’s consider this in terms of other products we consume:

You buy coffee-

  1. You drink the coffee.
  2. You like or dislike the coffee
  3. there is a reason for your opinion        
    ” I liked Blueberry Chuckles brand coffee because it had a wonderful odor.”

Expressing an opinion about a book is no different.

“I read Dreamer by Patrick O’Scheen and enjoyed it. I love anything about dragons.”

“Seer, by Patrick O’Scheen is wonderful. It was a well written story filled with surprises.”

A long explanation, while it may help steer other readers, is not required. You don’t need to expound on the nuances of the plot or tell others the story. If you want to expand on your ideas, that is your choice, but it is not necessary.

DON’T make your review a personal praise or attack of an author.
(“I love everything about him.” “He stinks.”)

DON’T leave your opinion with no explanation.
It is acceptable to criticize, but not without reason. Writers can use information to better their art.

How I use stars — As a crude guide —
5 stars means the work is exceptional
4 stars means its a good read
3 stars means its average
2 stars means there is something wrong with the work
1 star means the work is unreadable

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