Was Hungry Today…

Yes, I was hungry. I ate spaghetti, waffles and oatmeal – not on the same plate. Sometimes I have no appetite at all. I’m not sure which is worse because now my stomach hurts and I regret eating quite so much.

I think that I will never be normal. Mostly I have no desire for food. A great deal of nausea recently has kept my interest minimal.

Dragons like to eat…EVERYTHING!!! Why the baffled expression? You knew I was big and red and scaly…

6 thoughts on “Was Hungry Today…

  1. Maybe next time don’t eat such heavy foods all in the same day. I think you picked three of the heaviest foods there are to eat. Yes, they are filling. No wonder your stomach hurts. Try a piece of fruit or a fruit popsicle next time in between.

  2. Ugh . . . I couldn’t even handle ONE of those in a day, let alone all three . . . like my dear father used to say . . . you got a hollow leg??? LOL

    I hope you are feeling better when you see this my friend. Will have a little package for you in the email soon (took my B.D. off – and was being lazy) HUGS

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