Weekend Warriors – A Seer Excerpt

Fantasy-Dragon-dragons-27155090-2560-1600Mirandra is a talented fortuneteller.  In this scene she faces one of her greatest challenges –


“She will agree to wed,” the soothsayer spoke slowly. “The knight will be captured,” Mirandra added a small gristle for the man to chew as she wrested her hand from his strong hold.

Knowing it would not be wise to remain in concealment with this assassin, Mirandra slipped blithely backwards returning to the monk’s court.  She had earned ten gold pieces— no point in now losing her life.  The Seer quickly joined the throng of mourners gathered in the cathedral.  She followed the chanting procession toward the closed coffer, camouflaged by the excessive number of people in black clothing.  Along with the multitude of mourning citizens, the gypsy  princess offered her prayer for the lost king.  Approaching the remains, Mirandra felt the tingling of a vision. Dear heavens, not now! Her steps faltered as she saw King Sert, his arms outstretched to her.  The King of Kareth pleaded to her… a mere gypsy.  In that instant there was no doubt in her mind that he had been murdered, and she alone could identify his killer.


Seer, Book 2 The Chronicles of Marithe, will be available August 31st on Amazon!

to see more weekend Snippets follow this link to the Weekend Warriors!

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